Eversan CBD Nanotechnology Water versus CBD Oil

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CBD Infused Water – A purer, more effective CBD experience.

CBD is simply an active chemical compound, or cannabinoid, that’s found in the cannabis plant. The reason it’s becoming so popular across such a wide audience of people right now though is because unlike the other main compound in cannabis (THC), it doesn’t get you high. There have been thousands upon thousands of medical studies showing all of the health benefits that CBD has and in addition it does not get you ‘high’ which means consumers get the health and relaxing benifits of CBD but can still pass a drug test.

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As CBD becomes more popular, many people are searching for the most effective product. While there are different variations of CBD on the market ranging from the more popular CBD Oil to Eversan’s Isolate Nonotechnology Hemp Products, the most effective is nanotechnology for several reasons.

4 Reasons Eversan CBD Water is better than CBD Oil:

1. Eversan CBD Infused Water has 100% Bioavailability

Bioavailability is the amount of an ingredient that gets absorbed in the body. Eversan Water has 100% bioavailability which means that you get 100% of the health benefits of CBD. Studies have shown that CBD Oil products only have 40-60% bioavailablity.

2. Fast and Complete Absorption- 10 times faster than CBD Oil

Eversan CBD Water has almost instant and complete absorption. The absorption of CBD nanoinfused h20 is over 10 times faster than CBD Oil products. This is a very positive effect for those looking to use Hemp to help with Chronic pain, anxiety, or other mental disorders. There is no wait time between consuming Eversan CBD infused water and recieving the health benefits.

3. Water Compatible – can be provided in a variety of beverages and products including Eversan h20 and Boost Hemp Drink

Nanotechnology has been used for pharmaceutical products for many years, many claiming it is the future of medicine. It has solved many problems and it will solve even more problems in the future; mainly problems with drug solubility and bioavailability.

Cannabinoids are generally not water soluble, which decreases their bioavailability. Eversan Hemp Infused Water uses Nanotechnology to encapsulate the CBD. By encapsulating the CBD, it turns the CBD molecule into a water soluble drug. This means that CBD can be put into many different forms including Eversan Water and Eversan Boost.

Because Oil is not compatible with water you are not able to mix it into many easy everyday uses.

4. Eversan CBD Water is All Natural

Many different CBD Oil products are mixed with different compounds, making them not 100% natural and 100% organic. CBD Water is the purest way to consume Cannabinoids.

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