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10x more potent than CBD oil – Bioavailability is 100% unlike CBD oil which is 10-20% when ingested – Delivery system of health benefits start in 90 seconds

Experience a New Level of Wellness™


A Natural Healthy Additive. CBD can reduce seizures in epilepsy, pain, anxiety, and inflammation. CBD provides anti-oxidant and neuroprotective effects that could potentially be beneficial for neurological disorders including panic disorder, PTSD, and insomnia.

THC Free

Our  CBD Water products begin with 100% pure CBD isolate and contains no other cannabinoids or terpenoids, so it doesn’t make you high. In other words, we carry THC FREE products only and yes you can pass a drug test.


Nanotechnology – cannabinoids are generally not water soluble, which decreases their bioavailability. Eversan CBD infused products are nano – encapsulated which means the CBD molecules are nano sized to less than 100 micron which can travel to the bloodstream into the cells and throughout the body thus providing the body 100% bioavailability.

Hemp Infused h2o

A healthy hydrating, made in Canada reverse osmosis water infused with pure nano encapsulated CBD for maximum bioavailability. No additives, no sugar, and zero calories.

Our Vision

Eversan is an emerging Canadian leader in the alternative health and wellness sector focused on the medicinal benefits and manufacturing of Nano encapsulated CBD infused water market. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest quality, standards, purity and technology of our products.


EVERSAN is committed in helping each and everyone maintain a healthy well being. We also want to ensure we do our part in maintaining a healthy planet.


All EVERSAN bottles utilize recycled rPET plastic bottles from Post Consumer Materials.


EVERSAN commitment to maintain a healthy planet is reflected in the bottles and cardboard packaging which are 100% recyclable.


All EVERSAN bottles are made from high grade PET-1 which is BPA free.


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